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CHIPS Learning Services offers education enrichment and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) education that can help students develop their academic, vocational, technical, social, career and college-prep skills; to go from school to work more successfully.


Our curriculum is designed to be multi-sensory, engaging, and exciting; and to support learning in every way--be it average, advanced, at-risk, Autistic, ADHD or any other.  Our programs are indvidualized, interactive and innovative including:



We also design and develop instruction for life and vocational skills training to help students go from school to work, and life, more successfully.   


Delivered year-round at home, school, learning centers, library, church, camp, online or on-site; our CHIPS Learning program are made to build friendships, fun as well as flexibility for families.  Our programs are scalable and budget-friendly with something just right for you and your learner.


With a positive learning environment of small classes with no more than 3:1 ratio, well-designed lesson plans and level-adaptive programming, we are confident your child will gain all the knowledge they need to learn and succeed in school and life.




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CHIPS Learning Services Center  

at Highland Enrichment Learning Center

(formerly 21st Century EFG Learning Academy)

104 North Tuxedo Avenue (off Brainerd Road)

Chattanooga, TN 37411

Office phone:  (423) 531-8158 

Cell phone:  (423) 421.5646


JOIN THE FUN!  CHIPS Computer Camp offers EduFUN!ctional learning games and apps for creativity, exploration, simulation and computer literacy! CHIPS Computer Camps and Clubhouse are an excellent way for students to learn, work and play!  Since 1995, CHIPS has empowered learners with quality 1-on-1 education technology in reading, writing, math, science, engineering, art, technology and more!

Other Value Added Programs

"E-Learning" Courses


Daily After School, Summer and School Break Care


Teacher Workshops


Parent Workshops


Virtual Tennesse Academy Support


IEP Support Services


Techonology Ambassador Training


CHIPS Computer Club House Membership


Learning Management System (LMS) Engineering


Technology Coordination & Consulting


IT Help Desk


Techncial Support


Education and Recreation Programs:


  • STEAM Education Classes

  • CHIPS Enrichment Computer Camps

  • CHIPS  Clubhouse

  • Keyboarding

  • Business Systems Technology Training

  • Coding, Robotics, Apps Development

  • Tech Ed Career Skills & Exploration

  • Project-based Learning

  • eCourses, E-books, E-Portfolios


We offer education and integrated recreational activities in our our classes, camps, and coachings.


+ Literacy and Mathematics

+ Readers Theater
+ Book Club
+ Creative Writing & Journalism
+ Math, Science and Technology
+ Junior Achievement Enrichment

CHIPS Computer Clubhouse

Our CHIPS Computer Clubhouse provides extended learning that is also great support for home learning--be it personalized face-to-face and 

or virtually online using internet applications.  We provide great fun for learners.  Our other valued added programs may include:

+ Literacy and Mathematics

+ Readers Theatre
+ Book Club
+ Creative Writing & Journalism
+ Math, Science and Technology
+ Junior Achievement Enrichment
+ Math, Science and Technology
+ Junior Achievement Enrichment
+ Anit-bullying
+ Special Talents programs


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CHIPS prepares students for every level of their academic and personal development by offering tailor-made learning tracks based on the students goals and objectives.  A battery of skills assessments, interviews and intruction along with performance monitoring and progress reporting help assure student is on track to reach their desired goals.  Click here to download our service packages for more details.


From old school to new school, from hand-made art to state-of-the art technology, CHIPS Learning services: classes, courses, camps curriculum and coaching help empower student success!






CHIPS Education Technology Classes- teacher-led and computer assisted Coding and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineeering, Art and Math) learning along with reading and  communications lessons with education enrichment learning activities. Also great  for virtual/homeschool programs. 



CHIPS Computer Technology Classes- lessons on MS Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook; Adobe CS, information technology, keyboarding, programming, apps, file storage, office systems, technical support, web, social media and smart devices.   



CHIPS Career Readiness Workshops- coaching for beginning employment, college, business start-up; career, life and people skills development; Capstone, Senior Project, ACT, SAT and GED prep; study skills, resume, and time and money management.   



CHIPS Tutorials- personalized, interactive and prescriptive learning that is instructor-led and student focused.  Develops math, reading, writing, science and technology skills. Includes drill-and-skill worksheets, computer learning activities, homework help, assessments, tests, tracking, reports and IEP support.  



CHIPS Computer Camps-EduFUN!ctional learning with Tech Ed modules like robotics, coding, circuitry, CAD, 3D and engineering drawing, mobile apps, recording engineering, music and video production, photography, graphic design, games, hands-on activities, arts, crafts, creativity, exploration, simulation, multimedia, computer literacy.  Great for home, school, camp, church and after-school! $



CHIPS eBible Camps –FUN! Storytelling, Rotation Bible Computers, Movies and more!  Also, “The David Project” for teens.



CHIPS RTI,  Progress Monitoring & Education Consulting-



CHIPS Vocational Skills Training-




About Payments


We are happy to offer individual and group rates, as well as a sliding scale to families as needed, based on income, to help assure the learning opportunity of every child for participation in the CHIPS Learning Enrichment program.


*Individual person rate.

Group discounts available for 5 or more persons.

Computer(s) available at low extra cost.

Ask about our enrichment camps for school breaks!



Click here for our InternCHIPS School-to-Work Career Service Network for Internships,

Job Shadowing and eLearning Courses with Training Certificates

CHIPS Career offers college and career counseling, and are committed to helping students find and connect with companies that match their academic skills, interests and  abilities.  Click here to learn more about our InternCHIPS School-to-Work, College and Career Service.

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