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Pre-Employment Transition Services

Greetings and Welcome!


In partnership with Vocation Rehabilitation (VR) we are happy to welcome you to CHIPS Pre-ETS (Pre-employment Transition Services)!  


CHIPS Pre-ETS is a job, career and life skills development program, offered FREE for students ages 14-22 with disabilities.  The program offers the following four services:


  • Job exploration counseling 

  • Workplace readiness training 

  • Self-Advocacy training

  • Post-secondary transition counseling

We look forward talking with you about the benefits of CHIPS Pre-ETS.  We are dedicated to helping  students move full-STEAM ahead with both the hard skills and soft skills they need, to go from school to work more successfully.



Thank you!



Tekelia C. Kelly, CRP, BS Engineering Technology

TechEd Consultant/STEAM (STEM+Art) Teaching Artist

Tennessee Arts Commission | Tennessee Arts Academy

Tennessee Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Services


Rachel M. Kelly, Ed.S, CPA

CHIPS Pre-ETS Transition Specialist

Licensed School Psychologist

Certified Psychological Assistant


CHIPS Learning Services

(423) 421-5646


"Moving full STEAM ahead empowering

learning for everyone from school to work"

Great for Home, School, Church,After-school, Breaks & Summer Camps.


+ Forest Hills Elementary

+ Hollywood Central Elementary

+ Horizon Elementary

+ Lake Forest Elementary

+ Village Elementary

+ Watkins Elementary

+ Hollywood Central Elementary

+ Silver Lakes Elementary


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