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CHIPS 2.0 Comprehensive and Holistic Interventions Personalized for Students

CHIPS 2.0 is great for Academic Enrichment/Interventions, Tutoring, IEP, RTI & Progress Monitoring.  Our staff of professional practioners have served children in public and private schools, colleges, daycare, learning centers and home settings for  over 30 years using best-practice principles and techniques of Education, Instructional Design, Technology and Psychology. 

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CHIPS Learning Services Center  

at The Jordan Professional Buildinging Center

101 Jordan Drive (in East Brainerd)

Chattanooga, TN 37421

Phone:  (423) 421.5646


Rachel M. Kelly

Rachel M. Kelly

Tekelia C. Kelly

We are dedicated to empowering the learning success of all students using comprehensive and collaborative education consulting, teaching and coaching. Our learning solutions are designed to be innovative, inclusive, interactive and 1-on-1; and include research-based education enrichment, academic interventions for RTI (Response to Intevention) CBM (Curriculum-Based Measurement) and Progress Monitoring and technology education, including assistive technology. 
We also help with securing the necessary supports such as accommodations, advocacy and aptitude testing to help define special education needs of a child. We work with you to help assure your child gets all of the necessary support for his or her learning needs and success.


  • Over 30 years developing children's educational and interpersonal skills.

  • Professional support for career, soft-skills and social development.

  • Extensive experience serving elementary, middle and high schools.

  • Experience supporting behavioral medicine and psycho educational assessments, addressing children's psychological and behavioral needs, to include students Individual Education Plans (IEPs).

  • St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis City Schools, Double Tree Elementary, Wesley School, Solomon Schechter, The Shephered School, St. Nicholas, Girls Inc, and Hamilton County schools served.

  • We design and provide intense instruction and intervention to help remediate learning deficits as needed, to include delivering direct instruction in a very small group setting with a ratio of not more than 3:1.  Using best-in-class standards based intervention learning programs we will work on your childs Individual Learning Plan (ILP) to help remediate specific skills deficits in mathematics and reading.

  • After our the initial assessment, a determination of placement will be established and used to measure growth.

  • Formative assessments throughout the program drive instructional decisions.

  • Teachers provide direct and explicit instruction with immediate feedback, scaffolding and strategic questioning.
  • Also our special RTI computer based applications provide systemtic and level-adaptive instruction based on childs understanding and progress with the material. 
  • We use several best-in-class and evidence-based curriculum along with state-of-the-art assistive technology.  Ask us how we can help boost your learning, development and achievement success today.

  • Get Started TODAY! Take the Next Step.  Give Us a Call!

  • It is our greatest priority to help and partner with you in achieving your child's success.  We welcome the opportunity to help you explore how our programs can help you meet your students’ needs. To learn about all our Academic Intervention programs, please contact us at today!

  • Learn more about our CHIPS 2.0 Intervention Services. We welcome the opportunity to talk wiht you and have you try our programs.  Contact us using the form below to let us know how we may serve you.

  • Discover our heart and soul for inclusively teaching children using our systematic Individual Learning Plans (ILP) for learner success.  


CHIPS College and Career Resources

Find other resources for learning at CHIPS participating partners such as Highland Enrichment Learning Youth Center and Network​.  Check out our online learning catalog, along with City of Chattanooga's Work Training and Lexia Reading programs, all below.

INTERNCHIPS. College and Career Counseling, Job Shadowing and Other Work-based Learning Solutions


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CHIPS Camps at Participating Partners

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Online Learning Course Catalog


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