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CHIPS Academic Coaching, Tutoring & Mentoring 

CHIPS provides academic coaching, tutoring and mentoring that are learner-centered, interactive, and prescriptive with standards-based education and technology.  They are the perfect way to individualize and  personalize learning while empowering students' talents, gifts, interests, skills, abiliites.  Be it for “drill & skill”, project-based learning, enrichment, creativity, rigorous challenge or technical skill, we custom design lessons for each child's individual math, reading, and other learning needs.   Also, see our CHIPS 2.0 Service.

CHIPS 2.0 tutoring extends learning beyond regualar classroom, with  direct, 1-on-1 instruction, hands-on manipulatives, drill-and-skill worksheets, project based learning activities, homework help, assessments, tests, tracking, reports and IEP support.   RTI (Response to Intervention) and Progress Monitoring in collaboration with the child's school is also available, as well as mentoring.

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