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CHIPS eCourses

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What's Math Got To Do With It?


Welcome to “What’s Math Got To Do With It?  Marty’s Money Matters”   mini course designed by Tekelia C. Kelly of CHIPS Learning Services.  This course enables learning about how priorities, budgeting, best chores for kids.  For more information contact, or visit


5 Things To Teach Your Child

In "5 Things To Teach Your Child Before School" learn five essential things that can help your child be more prepared to have a happy and healthy life. Explore practical points of what children need to know before they go off to school.  For more information contact, or visit


Tekelia Kelly's "Celebreate & Create" Make The Holidays Great E-Book Series


This powerful and empowering elearning product was sponsored by EPB Fiber Optics. Buy Celebrate & Create! 20th Anniversary Edition with over 50 pages in PDF format.  Celebrate the holidays with this fun activity ebook with something for everyone, anytime. Enjoy arts, crafts, inspiration, creativity, lifestyle, education; and "school-to-work" information; with great content about makers, mentors, media, manners, matters and more!  Click here to learn more. & CHIPS with Tekelia Kelly 


CHIPS celebrates Hour of Code!  Come join us at the CHIPS Computer Lab and learn at the biggest learning event in history during Computer Science Education Week!  Below are links to course that also introduces how to mod Minecraft with software that teaches computer science logic and Javascript.  Click here to access Introduction To Modding Minecraft

Learn To Mod  Introduction

Minecraft Edu

Using MinecraftEdu - Part 1 - Introduction

Introduction to E-Learning


This course introduces the learner to the world of E-Learning, its many various offerings and benefits. 


Click here to access Introducation To E-Learning by CHIPS Learning Instructional Designer Tekelia Kelly.

How To Learn & Intern With Dr. Dressler


This mini video describes the different jobs and how a student can work as an intern at the othodontic office of Dr. Keith Dressler. 


Click here to access How To Intern With Dr. Dressler as part of CHIPS and INTERNCHIPS programs.



How Art Builds Education


This mini video teaches how the arts can be integrated into learniong to help build education.  Click here to access How Art Builds Education.

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