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About Us


Since 1995, CHIPS has provided quality technology- and arts-integrated education that enriches, engages  and empowers students.  Our teachers give personalized, 1-on-1 instruction that strengthens and develops students' academic, critical thinking, social and life skills; to go from school to work more successfully . 

Who we are


CHIPS is a for-profit social enterprise that offers fun, interactive and innovative learning programs to students in grades K-12.  We use direct instruction, interventions, curriculum based measurement and education technology to support student learning.


CHIPS serves every student at every level of their academic and personal development. Our programs are designed to support learners of all abilities. We exist to help students learn and achieve.



What we do


CHIPS helps students develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills, while building confidence and competence. Our creative teaching strategies include learning tools, study skills and personalized coaching that help students at school, life and work.


Whether at home, school, learning center, library, church, camp, online or on-site, CHIPS is made to be hands-on, interactive, multi-sensory, exciting, engaging, and enriching!  Students create, discover, explore and learn how to learn from school to work.

Services we offer


CHIPS can be delievered at your site or our location. Ask us how we can add CHIPS to your After-school, Holidays, Winter, Spring and Fall school breaks; and Summer camp programs. Our services include:



  • Reading, Math, Science & Writing Enrichment   

  • Keyboarding, Tech-Ed Classes, Computer Camps

  • Tutoring, Homework &  IEP Support

  • School Projects, Capstones & Portfolio Toolkits

  • TCAP, GED, ACT & SAT Prep & Study Skills

  • Job, Life, Career, Social & Business Coaching

  • STEAM,, TechWorks & Make, Create Lab

  • Multimedia, Social Media, Web & Graphic Design

  • PC/MAC/Laptop/Tablet/iPad/Phones Devices

  • RTI, Progress Monitoring, IEP Consulting

  • E-Learning, Storyboarding, E-Books/Audio Books

  • Robotics, Coding, Apps Development

  • Animation, Simulation, Create Lab

  • Film, Radio, TV, Media Production

  • Songwriting, Playwriting, Narrating, Voice Overs

  • Studio Music and Mix Recording, Podcasts

  • CHIPS Cluhouse INTERNCHIPS Career Network

  • Retro (old school) & Millinial (New School) PC Games


Great for Home, School, Church

After-school, Breaks & Summer Camps...Since 1995

Clients served:


  • St. Nicholas School

  • Chattanooga School for Liberal Arts

  • Chattanooga School Arts & Sciences

  • Tyner Academy High School

  • Chattanooga High School

  • New Covenant Christian Academy

  • Clifton Hills Elementary School

  • Solomon Schechter Day School

  • The Wesley School

  • Temple Israel Pre-school

  • The Shepherd’s School

  • John P. Freeman Middle School

  • Junior Achievement “Success Skills 2000” Program

  • Bushtown Neighborhood Association

  • 28th Legislative District Community Development

  • Creative Life, Incorporated

  • Family Computer Center

  • Memphis Jewish Community Center

  • St. Elmo Missionary Baptist Church

  • Fresh Start Ministries

  • Chattanooga Chamber “Get A Job” Program

  • Chattanooga State Community College

  • Tennessee Technology Center

  • Central Michigan Distance Learning

  •  Frist Center, Walden Security and more!             

CHIPS Learning Services

CHIPS (Computer Help and Instructional Programs for Students) is a learning enrichment program that helps students of all learning styles and abilities enjoy empowered learning, with whole child education, education technology, and life skills that support school-to-work success.

CHIPS celebrates the individuality of every child, with 1-on-1, engaging 21st century instruction, project-based curriculum like STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) and CHIPS 2.0--academic interventions like RTI and social, behavioral and emotional help.

CHIPS classes, camps, tutoring and workshops

are all inclusive and collaborative for students and parents, with built-in mentoring.  Assistive technology, state-of-the-art tech toys, and critical thinking games makes CHIPS "the perfect way for students to learn, work and play".

To register for a program or learn more about CHIPS visit our website at or call 423-421-5646.

Tekelia C. Kelly, Founder/Owner

Teacher & Technology Support Services


We happily provide great teachers, PC hardware equpment, best-in-class educational software, K-12 school curriculum, custom-designed elearning courses and learning aids, and helpdesk services!


Also ask us about our teacher workshops, technology training, learning management system (LMS) integration and engineering, and technology program coordination and consulting services.

CHIPS is dedicated to helping students go from school to work more successfully!  We help students explore careers and learn what jobs interest them using job shadowing online and onsite when possible and our InternCHIPS platform.  We work to produce talented interns-students who are well educated and trained; then seek to match them with empowering companies for career learning success! 

In The


CHIPS Learning Services Awarded Contract With State Vocational Rehabilitation Program
Thursday, May 18, 2017
Good For You: Tekelia Kelly to attend Tennessee Arts Academy
April 24th, 2017
Local Educator Chosen To Attend The Tennessee Arts Academy

Friday, March 17, 2017

Former engineer teaches area youths STEAM skills and how to program computers, Tuesday, October 18,  2016

Tekelia Kelly Featured In Institute Of Industrial Engineers Magazine

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

"Final Five" Features Tekelia Kelly This Month's Industrial Engineer

EPB Fiber Optics Sponsors Tekelia Kelly's "Celebrate & Create!" E-book, Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Since 1995, Tekelia C. Kelly has served business and education with instruction and technology. She has taught children at schools, homes and learning centers, and trained adults at corporations, small business and colleges. Her engineering, instructional design, and information technology background has also landed her project manager contracts such as setting up Mapco's computer training center for employees in Memphis, and implementing UTC's Lupton Technology Smart Classroom Podiums across the campus in Chattanooga. Learn more


Tennessee Arts Commission Awards Grant to Teaching Artist Tekelia Kelly

Tekelia Kelly  Quarterly Newsletter - Novembet 2015

Tekelia Kelly was awarded a grant by the Tennessee Arts Commission to integrate art and technology programming into school curriculum with singing and storytelling to support of standards-based education. Tekelia was also featured as a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) Teaching Artist in the Tennessee Arts Commssion showcase Create2014: Creativity in Education Institute–Full STEAM Ahead, a renowned arts integration conference that recognizes the significance of the arts in building 21st century learning skills while shaping whole school reform through project-based learning.  Learn more Awards Tekelia Kelly with Code Teacher Training Certificate

Tekelia Kelly September 2015

Tekelia Kelly was awarded the "Hour of Code" Teacher Certificate September 2015 by after completing a day-long training workshop for teachers attending from Chattanooga and Dalton, at the Dalton Public Library in Dalton, Georgia.  The certificate training enables teachers to teach code programming to children in schools and the community.  Teachers also will have the opportunity to host their own class(es) during Computer Science/Hours of Code week December 7-13, 2015.  The Hour of Code is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries. Anyone, anywhere can organize an Hour of Code event.  Teachers were given a teacher's notebook with esson plans, unplugged activities, classroom supplies in addition to the workshop training certificate.  Learn more



Tekelia Kelly Announces Release Of "Celebrate And Create" E-book For Children and Adults

Tekelia Kelly Friday, October 30, 2015


Tennessee Arts Commission Teaching Artist Tekelia Kelly announces the roll-out of a new e-book project "Celebrate and Create! Make The Holidays Great!", designed for children and the community. The instructional designer, educator and industrial engineer who also created Sisters in and Celebrate, now presents a new lifestyle and education publication with something for everyone. The PDF-formatted, downloadable semi-annual publication due around the Thanksgiving holiday will cover makers, mentors, manners, materials and more.  Learn more



Community gathers at GradNation Summit

Brian Ferry March 2012

Community gathers at GradNation Summit to tackle school ...

Chattanooga Times Free Press

Jul 21, 2015 - Photo by John Rawlston /Times Free Press. ... "We know what we know about Chattanooga and the way we get things done in this ... Tekelia Kelly, an education technology consultant, said she heard about the summit through ...  Learn more



Ed Camp Gig City in Chattanooga, TN

Susan Smith March 2012

Tekelia Kelly had an awesome time at EdCamp Gig City: Chattanooga's Educator Unconference in preparation for rolling out and, with spotlights on Celebrate Chattanooga's "Celebration Station for Student Education"! If you are a company who would like some great exposure for supporting youth in business via our school-to-work learning initiative, like Dr. Keith Dressler at, please inbox me or email with Dr. Keith B. Dressler Orthodontist   Barbara Shepherd, Kelle Jolly and 2 others like this.  Learn more

We happily provide great teachers, PC hardware and best-in-class software equipment, K-12 school curriculum, learning materials and learner support services!  


Our staff consists of trained professionals with a knack for teaching, with formal education and degrees in college studies inlcuding Business, Edcuation, Engineering and Psychology to name a few.  Tekelia C. Kelly, founder and owner of CHIPS, is the principal teacher, trainer and tutor and oversees the successful implementation of every CHIPS solution. 



About The Founder

Tekelia C. Kelly is founder and owner of CHIPS Learning Enrichment Services.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Technology and Masters-level coursework in Instructional Design and Technology-Curriculum and Instruction.  She works as the principal teacher and consultant serving children and parents seeking school-to-work success.


Tekelia's Instructional Design and Technology Education career includes over 15 years developing education, training, elearning and performance-based learning programs. Her

education consulting experience includes

integrating technology for corporate training center, college campuses, community learning programs, school classrooms; using best practice

teaching, instructional design and technology.


As a mother and educator Tekelia has had the personal, "hands-on" experience of teaching

her own children as well as many others the necessary skills for school to work success.  Her career as an Industrial Engineer at Federal Express, Data Coordinator/Statistical Assistant at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Behavioral Medicine and Psychology Division, and Education Systems Analyst a Provident Companies helped in planning CHIPS' school-to-work success model.


Tekelia worked as a K-12 Educator for Memphis and Hamilton County Public/Private Schools, and Instructor for Chattanooga State and Tennessee Technology Center.  She has worked in advanced placement, at-risk, ADHD and autistic and special education learning environments with stellar evaluations.  As a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) Teaching Artist with the Tennessee Arts Commission she now also integrates art and technology into the curriculum. To learn more about Tekelia's STEAM programs and services visit

What Folks Are Saying

You do such a nice job with everything that bears your name, Tekelia.  I am very proud of you and your mission.  Keep it up!  Ms. Marcia Kling

Mrs. Kelly designs an academic program in reading or math that enhances what the student is actually learning at school, with built in assessments.  Much of the success of this program is attributed to Mrs. Kelly's dedication, personality, encouragement, and positive atmosphere provided.  Mrs. Kelly's program allows the student room to explore.  I wish every child could be exposed to Mrs. Kelly's program." Opanell Rhodes, Lead Teacher Memphis, TN


"After honing in on his exact needs, Mrs. Kelly devised a tailor made program to strengthen his weaknesses and enhance his strengths.  Mrs. Kelly helped improve my son's reading ability.  He has become a more skilled and confident reader.  Kaye Houston, Parent Memphis, TN 


"It helped my test grades.[I liked best]working on the computer.” Jacquis Bates, Whitehaven High  Memphis, TN

Geometry test score increased 60 points after two CHIPS sessions.


"I can tell a difference since she has been involved in your program."  Ms. Gailey, Math Teacher  Memphis, TN


“You are a blessing to the building!”, Katrina Overton, Asst. Principal, Clifton Hills Elem.  Chattanooga, TN

“On a scale of 1-10, no doubt a strong 10”


“Great program for kids embracing their uniqueness and special talents"


“Best coding camp for teens where individual creativity meets advanced technology education”

 " Thanks for seeing beyond [children's] differences and for embracing their uniqueness and special talents."

" You are helping [children] move toward more independence and success and with more confidence! "

" Fun ways to learn coding! "   

" I have learned how much coding is intertwined into the world today, and it is a very useful thing to know how to do."

"[He] said you are one of the nicest people he has ever met.  He loved your happiness.  You and your daughter are jewels!"

" Thanks again for providing such a wonderful environment and instruction.  They think you are awesome, and so do we!  :)"

" I have highly enjoyed my camp this week.  I have made some nice small games and apps, and even made music and roads."

"I am so glad I have had this experience."

Our Staff and Resources

Tekelia C. Kelly, Founder and Ms. Marcia Kling

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