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Watch and listen to a special celebration station created

about student education at Celebrate Chattanooga.

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Welcome to CHIPS Communications, celebrating the key milestones of a student's life and in education.  We enjoy helping students discover, develop and display their talent!  This service offers resources for creating digital and multimedia projects and other creative works, for Capstones, Senior Projects, Service Learning, Presentations, ePortfolios ,Tech Ed and S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) projects.  Students are coached on creating online newsletters, career website, podcasts, business and social media networks like LinkeIn and other platforms.  For more information and a demonstration visit 

CHIPS Communications has both online and onsite components that work in conjunction with community co-op programs. This program integrates Tekelia Kelly's CHIPS, and is designed to be a school-to-work and talent search network for high school students in grades 10-12; and to help them gain internship, job shadowing and entry-level work opportunities.  Celebrate Chattanooga serves as a "virtual" learning portal for teaching and demonsrtation of students digital projects like e-portfolios and media.

Through this STEAM-integrated education designed and taught to students in Tekelia Kelly's CHIPS and INTERNCHIPS programs, students learn art, business, information technology, communications and leadership skills, and ar given learner-adaptive, standards-based assessment and academic instruction aligned with needs of today's jobs.  Students gain hands-on experience in multimedia projects, critical thinking, communications, presentations and Information Technnology skills. 


CHIPS programs are dedicated to helping sponsors "hire and inspire" high school students, for better school-to-work success.  We help empower student success through our 1-on-1 tailored life, job and career skills training;  mentoring; and hands-on work experience. Students are exposed to and work on projects involving the arts, business, engineering, computer technology, marketing, communications, digital and social media, and music recording with sponsors who support their work through the site.


In our model, students develop academic, creativity, digital and technical skills that help build their marketability and work portfolios for employment, entrepreneurship and/or education advancement.  They take on roles and are given real job titles for use on their junior resumes and job applications such as "Community Communications Correspondents".  Companies are seen as supporters of community, workforce, and economic development. Together, the student and sponsor's project is showcased via the Celebrate Chattanooga website, also spotlighting both student and sponosr via newsletter. 


Individuals or groups who have a relationship with student through home, school, job, church, youth group, and the like, and wish to work with student(s) to develop their educational, technology, art, and/or interpersonal skills, as well as support student and project needs, including financial assistance are acceptable as student's sponsor(s). 


Please consider becoming a sponsor TODAY!  To make a secure, online, tax deductible donation, please click here and you will be taken to the Celebrate website.


Thank you!

Tekelia Kelly


News Article,, Chattanooga, TN EPB Fiber Optics Sponsors Tekelia Kelly's "Celebrate ...



Nov 25, 2015 - Since 1995, Tekelia C. Kelly has served business and education with instruction and technology. She has taught children at schools, homes...   Click here to read article is  Tekelia Kelly's "celebration station for student education", a companion platform for showcasing  Tekelia Kelly's students' and their creative works.  Tekelia Kelly is a Tennessee Arts Commission STEAM Teaching Artist and professional  Instructional Designer, who is devoted to empowering every child with the knowledge and skills needed to realize their full potential.


Celebrate Chattanooga was created to celebrate, educate and communicate about the people, places and projects that help empower Chattanooga students; and provide students a service learning platform to showcase their talents and skills. 


In 2014, Teaching Artist Tekelia Kelly commemorated Chattanooga's 175th Anniversary with song, stories, shows, shout-outs and a special tribute.  Now see services, soundstage, and spotlights pages made to support students.  We accept donations via Fractured Atlas.  For more information about us please contact us.





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