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You can champion this wonderful learning initiative that empowers

children with education solutions that will significantly impact their lives. Technology is everywhere, and it is important for us to prepare children to be our future leaders with state-of-the-art education and technology .


Your donation can help us make a positive difference in a child's life, and

open doors that can make them have an amazing future.  Your donation  enables a child to engage in a creative and innovative learning programs that are designed to help them go from school to work more successfully.


Making a child's light come on by enabling them to discover their passion through art and tecnhnology programs like CHIPS' STEAM coding, robotics, videography, audio, graphic design and/or engineering can motivate a child to achieve and do more in school and in life.  Be a Champion TODAY!


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What Folks Are Saying


"Scale of 1-10, no doubt a strong 10!  Great program for [our] kids...great environment and learning experience"

"Positive energy is great..the small group is helpful and there is less anxiety with fewer people than a regular school classroom"

" Best coding camp for teens where individual creativity meets advanced technology education."

" Thanks for seeing beyond [children's] differences and for embracing their uniqueness and special talents."


" You are helping [children] move toward more independence and success and with more confidence! "

" Fun ways to learn coding! "  


" I have learned how much coding is intertwined into the world today, and it is a very useful thing to know how to do."

"[He] said you are one of the nicest people he has ever met.  He loved your happiness.  You and your daughter are jewels!"

" Thanks again for providing such a wonderful environment and instruction.  They think you are awesome, and so do we!  :)"

" I have highly enjoyed my camp this week.  I have made some nice small games and apps, and even made music and roads."

"I am so glad I have had this experience."

" You and your daughter are jewels!  Thanks again!"

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