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It is a dream come true for us to be able to serve our community with education solutions that we know will significantly impact and empower learners for life--both theirs and our community.  Your donations help us help as many children as we possibly can to make a positive difference and impact in their lives.  Please help us and sponsor a child today!


For just $10, you can empower a child's learning with CHIPS and help them go from school to work more successfully!  We are located in Chattanooga, TN, an amazing city that has always found ways to empower its community.  With your donation, you will be opening a door that can lead to an amazing future for a child and for the city of Chattanooga.


Making a child's light come on and helping them to find that spark of passion through learning coding, robotics, videography, audio, engineering or design can move a child to work harder in school, be productive citizens, and drive for success in life.  Every part of our life is touched by technology, and it is important that we prepare kids for the future so that they can be the future leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs we need them to be.


Donate TODAY!  Make your donation online using the PayPal/Credit Card button below.  Thank you!

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